Ageless Favorites: Classic Funk

“It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what makes a track funky. From its roots in ’60s American jazz, soul and R&B, to the countless modern adaptions from around the globe, one thing that’s always present in funk music is that head nodding, face scrunching, can’t stop movin’ groove.

For this one I selected tracks from all sides of the funk spectrum, and what I felt would best highlight its many subgenres. You’ll hear upbeat and chill ’70s vocal funk, epic grooves, ’80s electro funk, classic afrobeat, and everything in between. I inlcuded chart topping pioneers like James Brown and Parliment Funkadelic, as well as acts whose talents were overlooked, such as Sugar Billy and Wess and the Airedales.

Jam this 50 song, nearly 5 hour long playlist to get a taste of one of my favorite sounds in music!

*Warning: playlist known to cause spotaneous poppin’ and in severe cases, lockin’.*”

– Ageless

Parliament Lyn Collins james brown Don Blackman




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