Ageless Favorites: Classic Soul

It shows when listening to my music that I’m a huge fan of the oldies, particularly songs of the 60’s & 70’s. I’ve decided to start a series of youtube playlists called “Ageless Favorites”, where I compile 50 of my all time favorite oldies within a specific genre.

To kick things off I present “Ageless Favorites: Classic Soul”, featuring 50 powerful classic soul songs. Some were big hits and some went under the radar, but all of these artists inspire me greatly and I hope anyone who enjoys my music can appreciate its roots.

I tend to favor artists like O.V. Wright, Gil Scott-Heron, and Nina Simone, who defined a style of deeply melodic soul music featuring vivid lyrics depicting an era toiled with social and political struggle. This playlist also features those feel good jams and classic love songs. Kick back and feed your soul with the sounds of one of the greatest eras in music. Thanks for listening!

– Ageless


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