Ageless is the musical vision of New York native Wesley Paioff.

Following three generations of professional musicians, Paioff began playing piano, drums and violin at a young age. He learned music production in 1999 and started to create original compositions with drum machines, synthesizers and samplers. But it wasn’t until 2004 that he took on the name Ageless and began releasing and performing his own music. Since then Ageless has played many different roles, from a lyricist in a funk fusion band and hip-hop duo, to an audio engineer working in NYC studios while honing his skills as a producer.

In June 2012 he released his first solo album “Beginners’ Mind” which displayed a brand new sound for Ageless, blending vintage vinyl samples with modern day synthesizers and rhythms. Often referred to as Electro-Soul or Future-Funk, Ageless describes his sound: “At some point I started producing music exactly as it’s always sounded in my head, not bound to any specific genre, but influenced by many genres”. Whiteraverafting.com writes, “His songs are able to captivate this really distinct middle ground between highs and lows. His sound is upbeat but mellow, happy yet sad, rough yet smooth. Though his tracks may be all over the place, there?s a definitive linkage among them all”.

In 2013 Ageless signed to Philos Records and has kept a steady stream of music flowing. With several full length albums as well as EP’s, collaborations, remixes, and additional releases on Gravitas Recordings, Massive Ideas, Funkadelphia Recordings and Young Heavy Souls, Ageless has managed to solidify himself in the ever expanding scene with a consistently unique sound that touches on the more emotional side of electronic music.

Since debuting his solo live show to a sold out crowd at NYC’s Bowery Ballroom, Ageless has gone on to play at festivals and venues around the country as a headliner as well as direct support for artists including Beats Antique, Break Science, Vibesquad, Thriftworks, Archnemesis, Dirt Monkey, and many more.

Ageless has been featured on popular sites and blogs including YourEDM.com, MTV.com, GhettoFunk.uk and many more. Theuntz.com listed his track “Save The Day” as the #9 best electro-soul song of 2014. Between word of mouth, social media and heavy rotation on college and commuity radio, Ageless has garnered an international following of dedicated fans who can’t wait to share his latest release.

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