Daily Bread

Rhett Whatley (Daily Bread) calls upon an expansive record collection to compose unique, genre-bending experimental hiphop, electro-soul, and EDM. A background of traditional percussion and jazz guitar contribute a unique foundation that drives the Daily Bread sound to what it has become – a fusion of gritty soul, jazz, EDM, and most notedly – hiphop. These elements give way to a danceable beat driven sound reminiscent of DJ Shadow and RJD2.

Daily Bread started in 2008 as a sample-based hiphop project while attending Kennesaw State University. The Daily Bread sound has evolved ever since, combining traditional sample-based hiphop with modern bass-driven production techniques.

Daily Bread’s latest offering, an eight-song sample collage of up tempo electro-soul and laid back triphop titles, was released August 2nd as a free download on Philos Records. Daily Bread will be making their live debut Fall 2014 in Atlanta accompanied by drummer Eric Jefferson.

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