Inverse Universe

Inverse Universe is a Chicago based electronic bass music project that features the collaborative efforts of Tyler Thompson (TYLR) and Adam Stephens (STEPHENS).  In a music scene dominated by DJ’s, these two musicians turned producers strive to give the crowd more by performing 100% original compositions and remixes.

Inverse Universe incorporates a combination of live instrumentation, and mix multiple layers of “stems”. In other words, they are mixing each instrumental layer of their song on the spot. This style of mixing allows them to artistically reinvent the way the listener hears each song rhythmically, melodically, and structurally, so that every performance can demonstrate a completely new experience of each track. The objective of the Inverse Universe project, aside from delivering melodically powerful bass-driven music, is to get away from the traditional performance methods of DJ’s who often perform by mixing from one premade track to the next, and to create energy by engaging the audience through the spectacle of their drum, keyboard, guitar, and finger-drumming techniques.

These two artists have learned from extensive experience as performers that there is more to the art of electronic music than limiting oneself to specific genres, tempos, and moods. As such, Inverse Universe strives to present its listeners with passionate polytempo sets that cover the range of human emotion from strong, hand raising bangers, to smooth, lush, melodic soundscapes that transport listeners to dream-like states.

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