Kinetik Groove

Austin O’Meara’s passion for music has been cultivated since an early age. After picking up and jamming on a guitar over ten years ago, a simple, typical hobby has developed into a burning passion. Austin’s passion for music has propelled his musical project as Kinetik Groove, and things have never been groovier.

Throughout his musical career, Austin has shared the stage with such notable artists as Eddie C. Campbell and Shirley King in Chicago. Throughout school Austin worked to further develop his musical skillset and began crafting his own sounds. Kinetik Groove was born through various guitar, bass, and synth recordings compiled through a Frostex multitracker. As the electronic music and “jamtronica” scene slowly started to make its way into Austin’s life, he sought to derive a unique sound from the key qualities of his favorite artists.

Austin has dedicated the past two years of his life to the crafting of electronic music infused with flavors of funk and jazz. The Kinetik Groove project draws inspiration from the classics – James Brown, Otis Redding, Al Green. Soaring synth melodies and punchy kicks bring a fresh spin to one of the most appreciated and loved genres in history. Kinetik Groove is here to stay, and ushers in a brand new generation of groove with his arrival.

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