Vernon, British Columbia

SwAy is the next-level progressive electro-soul duo consisting of producer/DJ/pianist Jamie Rudrum and producer/guitarist Andrew Malnic.

When producing, Jamie and Andrew draw on past experience with groove rock/hip-hop group Know Tomorrow, formed in 2006. The group’s popularity increased continually before disbanding in 2011, and the two remaining members teamed up mid-2012 to continue their passion for music as SwAy.

Andrew, co-founder of Know Tomorrow, grew up playing saxophone and guitar, and continued playing lead guitar in folk rock band The Jungle Cats. Jamie was guitarist for a punk/metal band, produced hip-hop beats, and emceed for years under the moniker Ominous. Jamie has also released two albums as electronic artist CLRFLXRY (Colorful Luxury).

Jamie and Andrew’s diverse knowledge of all different genres and types of music shine through in every SwAy production – the duo accurately describes SwAy as “progressive electronic soul rock – whatever that is”. Timeless guitar licks, jazzy piano, and soulful vocals meld with hard hitting bass, buzzing synths, and bouncing rhythms to create a truly unique, addictive sound.

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