Alden, NY

TechNoddo  has often described his music as “weird”.  Incorporating everything from ‘50s doo-wop to psychedelic madness to modern hip-hop, it’s definitely weird in the best possible way.

Nick Oddo began producing on and off around the age of fourteen, and formed TechNoddo after experiencing Rothbury Music Festival in 2009. Ten years after beginning his production career, TechNoddo has successfully established himself as an unpredictable, funky “space-hop” producer. Drawing inspiration from the likes of STS9 and String Cheese Incident, TechNoddo incorporates live synths in his recordings and performances.

Having released his third studio album, Arrival at a New Planet, TechNoddo continues to bust apart genre boundaries and has established his place in the “future funk” community. TechNoddo creates what he feels and is constantly on a mission to whisk away fans to new worlds filled with interstellar vibes.

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